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Please remember why I can confirm Vic Falls tours without any problem, coz I have you! I can recommend and sell Vic Falls tours to my clients, coz I know you. All my clients were happy to go on our tours, coz I have asked you all of arrangements. You guys have done enerything perfectly for my clients. I don't have to worry about my clients when I sent them to you. I know that you always support them perfectly.

I have never got any complaints about our service, it is incredible in Africa. I'm trying to do everything to be done perfectly for my clients but it is very difficult here. I have to choose supplier very carefully. I can say that you are the best for Vic Falls tours! Japanese are very good people but can also be very very difficult to work with because of language barrier, and they can always get perfect service in Japan. It is not normal in Africa...

Many clients sent me their feedback, it said that they didn't expect such a perfect service in Africa. Even though I didn't tell you all of it, it made me very happy and I am very proud of you guys!! I am very lucky to have you. I couldn't work like this without you. I have to say thank you for all your support.

Please remember that you guys support me a lot. I haven't done anything for you. I will pay if you charge me double. Yes, I have to!

Thanks a lot,



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