Sesriem CampAt the entry to Sossusvlei is Sesriem Canyon, where centuries of erosion have incised a narrow gorge about 1 km in length. At the foot of the gorge, which plunges down to 30 to 40 m, are pools that become replenished after good rains. Sesriem derives its name from the time when earlier pioneers tied six lengths of rawhide thongs (riem) together to draw water from the pools.

Explore the Sesriem Canyon from this great and scenic campsite.

Sesriem Accommodation

24 x campsites

Sesriem Campsite Attractions and Activities

Sesriem Canyon

- During the raining season rock pools sometimes form in the canyon and provide excellent swimming opportunities. During drier months you can walk up the canyon.


- This is the reason you are staying here - popular opinion is that the dunes are best seen early in the morning or late afternoon.

Elim Dune

Sesriem Campsite Facilities

Gas Station

Shop selling all basic amenities

Secure parking area



hammerstein lodgeSituated between Swakopmund and Lüderitz and nestled between the Nubib and Tsaris mountains it is the ideal stopover for travellers to the south of Namibia. It is in close proximity to the beautiful Sossusvlei region and only 60km from Sesriem.

Guests have a choice between bungalows equipped for self-caterers, camping facilities or dinner, bed and breakfast lodging.

Hammerstein Activities

Hammerstein Lodge & Camp offers sundowner drives into the mountains, sightseeing flights as well as 4x4  trips to Sossusvlei on request.